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So why is it that my furnace always decides to go out just when it's really cold? This is the third time that it's gone out since we've lived here, and of course it picked the coldest week of the past year to do so. Currently it's 18 degrees outside, with a windchill of a whopping 4. I'm awake and in the living room working on a transcript due at 10:00a. Thank God that we actually have a place with a fireplace - it's been going literally nonstop since I woke up at 8:00am this morning. Unfortunately, since it's gas that means we've been burning money since nonstop this morning, but it's too damn cold to quibble about it. I've also got a space heater going right near me, too. And I'm still cold. If this goes on much longer I think we'll raid S.'s parents' wood pile - wood fires burn hotter, IMO, and don't cost money. :)

We already called our landlord, who has in turn called the home warranty company, who in turn has tried to call their vendors to have someone come out. But apparently this is happening quite a bit around town, so the vendors are stretched thin. They're supposed to call me back - if somebody doesn't call me by noon tomorrow today, then I'm calling the damn emergency paging service for the landlord. Although I don't know what the difference is there - is the landlord going to come out and fix our heater? Idk, idk.

Also, I fucking hate this transcript I'm working on. It's the longest one I've had, and it's almost completely indecipherable. The company knows it's almost completely indecipherable so they're giving me a 40% raise on this project, but it's still extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Argh. So I'm cold and pissy. Great. :\

ETA: I have errands to run, but I almost don't want to shower to go because it's going to be so cold when I get out! :(

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ugh ugh ugh cold :(:(

we're kinda in the same boat. we have a ventless gas fireplace in our living room and radiant heaters in our bedroom and kitchen...and some crap space heater in the bathroom. haha not the most efficient! i'm scared to see our utility bill.

i'm so ready for the sun!!!!

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