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Weight loss
TB: goodnight tiny humans
Well, I'm feeling very good about my living healthy/losing weight plan ATM. Yesterday I started the Couch to 5K plan (again) and I'm doing so much better on it this time. I think part of the reason is because I found these podcasts where not only does it have my kind of exercise music (upbeat pop) but in the intervals when you're supposed to switch from running to walking or vice versa it has a countdown to let you know. So that way I'm not constantly looking at my watch and counting the seconds until I get to walk again, or trying to remember what I should be doing at that point. I think it's helped a lot. I've taken Paris with me both times, and she starts to fall behind before I do! The first day I thought I was going to have to carry her 85-lb. ass home, LOL.

And I'm using Sparkpeople religiously - for some reason at this point it just clicked for me and is really helpful. According to the site I actually signed up in 2006, which means that somewhere along the way I had the idea but didn't follow through. But this time it's really helping me a lot. I track everything that I eat in it, even down to the meals I make at home. It helps a lot to see where I am calorie/nutrient-wise throughout the day, and I like the accomplishment of seeing that I'm within my calorie range for each day.

My goal for my Couch to 5K is that the 5K race that Steven runs every year aligns pretty perfectly with the end of the C25K program, so in a week or two I'm going to sign up for the race. I'm hoping that will give me even more incentive to continue with it since I'll have shelled out $20 for it. :) And if I make it and run the race - well, that's something I never thought would happen! I've never been an athlete or into exercise, so me running a 5K had never even occurred to me! :D

And I've lost 5 pounds! Which is not much in the scheme of things, but it makes me feel good. :)


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