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TB: jessica
I'm so happy that fall is almost here! October through December are my very favorite time of the year - I love the weather, the decorations, the holidays, the smells, the food, the crafty and cute ideas in magazines, just everything about it! Even despite my extremely limited budget, I bought a few fall/Halloween decorations for my fireplace and mantel and they make me very happy every time I look at them. I have to keep reminding myself that it's still September, actually, and people will think I'm a crazy person if I start decorating outside with Halloween stuff. This is actually the first year that we've had any sort of walk or outside area at all - previously (aside from living with my family, which doesn't count since they're not my decorations) I lived in an apartment with only a crooked tiny porch to decorate, which wasn't much fun. So I'm excited! I found this neat idea in October's Better Homes and Gardens where they attached a little bit of twine/rope to these small pale yellowish pumpkins, drew bats on the pumpkins with a Sharpie, and then hung the pumpkins from shepherd hooks along their walkway. I totally think I'm going to try that -it looks awesome in the magazine (I can't find a picture online) and it seems fairly easy and low-budget.

I finally took my GRE, and I think I did okay. I scored higher than the scores that were listed as requirements for my grad school, so I suppose that will work. And now I have my immunization form, so I need to go get it signed by a doctor and finish my essay and then most of my application materials will be done! I still have two recommenders who haven't turned in their forms and such, but that's pretty much out of my hands at this point besides just bugging them every so often. I thought my essay was coming along pretty well, but S. read it and pointed out a few things and now I'm nervous to send it in. I think any criticism, even constructive, makes me so nervous because I really need to get into this program. I'm sort of pinning all my hopes on this one since there's no others in my state and out of state tuition is pretty much out of the question. :\

Still no job. :(

I finished watching all the season 2 episodes of True Blood that were taking up space on my DVR. I totally loved it - way better than Season 1, IMO, which I didn't like very much. But then, I really liked the books previous to the series even existing, so I think I was biased. This season it was easier to take the series on its own merit, especially since one of my new favorite characters (Jessica!) was introduced and because Alexander Skarsgard is AH-MAZING as Eric.

Must shower now. I'm going to my first ever baseball game over at Turner Field with S.'s Contracts class. Yay!

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omg i LOVE jessica! i haven't seen the finale for season 2...hoping to soon though!!!

Me too! Since she was a completely new addition from the books I was afraid I wasn't going to like her, but I SO do. She and Hoyt are adorable!

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