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white flowers
I don't think I've posted about this yet, but I'm in the midst of applying to grad school.

I know that I've talked about how lost I've felt about the direction my life is going (or not going...) which has only gotten worse the longer I've been out of work. Being unemployed is just a soul sucker in so many ways that you just cannot appreciate until you're unwillingly unemployed. :\ So on a whim one day I looked up the program requirements for a Masters in Library and Information Science (which means becoming a librarian!) and found out that there's only one school in my state that offers the degree, and luckily it's a 90% online degree that's designed towards students who still need to work - which is pretty much exactly up my alley.

And wonders of wonders, they offer spring semester admission! So many grad schools I've looked into for other programs only offer fall admissions, and I've felt like I needed something NOW to get me moving again. So the deadline is October 15th, and I'm already halfway there on my application materials:

  • Application
  • Ask for 3 recommendations
  • Essay
  • Take the GRE (planning on Aug 26)
  • Transcript
  • Resume/CV
  • Immunization forms

I'm studying really hard for the GRE...I'd forgotten a lot of the math portion and I'm basically just working my way through the review now instead of trying practice tests right now. Even the verbal portion is hard after being out of school for a couple of years...I imagine it's so much worse when you've been out of school for like 10 years. :O

Anyway. Yes. So that's going well, at least. Other things...not so well. But I suppose all of it will work itself out somehow. At least this one thing is on track for me.


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