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white flowers
I don't know what it is, but all of a sudden I am deep into a dress phase.

For years (as in, until a few months ago) I hated dresses. I hated skirts, hated dresses, bleh. But a few months ago I found a dress at JC Penney's for a cousin's wedding and it actually looked good on me. I unfortunately carry excess weight around my middle, so the fact that the dress didn't accentuate that like a lot of other clothes was high in its favor. And I felt pretty!

So now I am all about the dresses. I got a few the other day, and through a recent post on beauty101 I found out about and I'm hooked. I think I bookmarked like 20 of their dresses. :D That's the kind of dress I like - a little bit vintage, kind of 40's secretary.

So now I have something to lust over. Also this umbrella is adorable. Whee!


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