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pink ribbon cupcake
Day Two of returned unemployment. *sigh* In late Jan/early Feb I got a temp job working for a large bank doing filing. Which sucked, but it was supposed to only be a 1-2 week job so I could survive it. But unfortunately my supervisor liked me so much she started farming me out to others in her department for more filing and assorted jobs. And one week stretched into two, and two weeks into three...and finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I fully needed the temp job, but I had to call the temp agency and ask them to get me out. :( It was undoubtedly not a smart idea, but not feeling the dread everyday to go there is worth it.

So now I'm unemployed again, and I've got to go back to the unemployment office to "reopen" my claim. I have a sneaking suspicion this means I'm going to have to go through all the same BS I did when I first opened the claim - the waiting just to speak to the receptionist, the waiting to go into their little seminar on "Unemployment: It can be easy!" and then waiting for a computer to actually file. BLARGH. It's sort of my plan for today, since I'd like to be able to file for this Sunday and they're not open on the weekends. And GOOD LUCK trying to get me to step foot in an unemployment office on a Friday - no thank you.


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